TV & V-Chip

Control your child’s TV viewing with the V-Chip. The V-Chip is installed in most televisions and it allows you to block programs.


Here’s the low-down on the V-CHIP

V-Chips use the TV Ratings and content labels to block programming.

V-Chips also use the Movie Ratings to block unedited theatrical films that air on TV.

All televisions 13 inches or larger manufactured after 2000 are equipped with a V-Chip.

Activating your V-Chip is easy. Check your TV’s on-screen menu options or your owner’s manual for instructions.

Learn more – Understanding the TV Ratings and Parental Controls.

Don’t have a V-Chip?

You may be able to block programming with your cable set-top box or satellite provider. Your cable company may also be able to install blocking equipment if you don’t have a television equipped with a V-Chip.